Sunday, 20 January 2008

Lok Lok at SS13 Night Market

I was at the Subang Jaya SS13's Night Market this evening for dinner at our favourite Lok-Lok van. Lok-lok is similar to steamboat, only that you eat them while standing on streetside mobile pushcarts or vans.

There is a wide array of raw meat (pork slices, pork/beef meatballs, internal organs ~ kidney, intestine, liver), seafood (squid, prawns, assortment of fish/squid balls), vegetables, eggs (century egg, quil egg) on skewers that one dips into boiling water to cook, if raw; or dip into sauces as accompaniment for cooked food, such as dark soya braised pork, tofu stuffed with shredded cucumbers. Variety of dips/sauces are offered and these sauces go very well with the food. We specially like the sauces served by this stall. There are sweet sauce, spicy peanut sauce and lastly my fave, the garlic chilly sauce.

For hygiene reasons, there are some rule of thumbs to follow: 1) One shall not dip the skewers into the boiling water after taking a bite of the food. 2) Use the spoons to scoop sauces onto individual plate. Not dip the whole skewers into the sauces.

Have you tried lok-lok? If not, you must next time when you see one! And what's your favourite food at a lok-lok stall?


Ollie said...

Hello, we have pretty much the same food In Indonesia. The brand called, Mr. Celup.

Squirrel said...

I would love to visit your night market, to just enjoy the night, the aromas, to sample some food, and people-watch. It al looks so good! and yes, I would try things I have never tried yet!

alicesg said...

We dont have this anymore in our night market. But your photo looked very colourful and yummy.

Curly said...

They look very tempting!

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