Monday, 28 January 2008

QiGong to De-Stress

Had my 1st lesson in QiGong on Sun. This is a breathing exercise that is very helpful to help us cope with stress!
We really had a good time with it. Our QiGong Master was very humorous and make the class more fun!

Have you tried QiGong before?


Ioanna said...

I enjoy your blog very much! Greetings from Ioannina, Greece! :)

alicesg said...

I posted comments earlier but they did not appear so I hope I am not posting twice. I am glad you are taking up qigong. It is a good exericse.

Jilly said...

Nice photo. Yes I've tried QiGong in the past and have several books on it. Unfortunately there is no Qugong teacher near to me here in France.

rapunzel said...

is there qigong in the bandar sunway area?

J.C. said...

Hi Rapunzel, sorry I do not know of any Qigong centre in Sunway.

How about going to and post this question on the forum? There may be residents of Sunway who can offer you some info.

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