Saturday, 12 January 2008

Spring Flower Fair - Chinese New Year Series (1)

As Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) is less than a month away (falls on 7 Feb 2008), the preparation for this major festival can be felt all over town. At Sunway Pyramid, a Spring Flower Fair is held. Plants that are synonymous with Chinese New Year, specifically good luck bamboo, mandarin oranges and pussy willow are in abundance.

I love the Chinese New Year celebration. How about you? Have you started on your preparations?


Thiên said...

I love our New Year! In Vietnamese, we call it Tet and I have begun thinking about preparations but have not gathered materials yet. But I will now as you have inspired me!

alicesg said...

I love Chinese New Year too. Love going to Chinatown during this period. My preparation for Chinese New Year is spring cleaning at the moment, a task I hated

Web-OJ said...

What pretty flowers. I especially adore the little bamboo plants.

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