Thursday, 27 March 2008

Dragon Lantern

The lantern in this temple depicts a majestic dragon. Dragon is a mythical being found in many Chinese tales. Dragon can be found in many Chinese arts and crafts.

Source from Wikipedia: Many Chinese people often use the term "
Descendants of the Dragon" (龍的傳人) as a sign of ethnic identity, as part of a trend started in the 1970s when different Asian nationalities were looking for animal symbols for representations. The wolf was used among the Mongols, the monkey among Tibetans.

Many Chinese also try to have their babies born in the Year of Dragon. Thus, in the Year of Dragon (for instance, 1988 & 2000) there would be a baby boom in Chinese communities. Those born in the Year of Dragon is associated with being charismatic, dashing, courageous and vigourous. Dragons are usually described as born winners, achievers and tough! To the Chinese, a Dragon son is a cause for celebration because he is believed to be blessed with massive doses of luck.

Is there anyone born in the Year of Dragon among your family members or friends?

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