Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Roasted Goodies

In Chinatown, KL, one can find roast meat stall next to stall selling Burberry bags!! (wink! wink!)

To me, these roast meat is sinful goodies! In the front, are roast pork tenderloins. I like this the most. It is roasted with some sweet hoisin sauce. Taste real good, especially eaten with rice. Hanging on the left is roast pork. I don't fancy this as it comes with a layer of fat. But the connoiseur of this will tell you that the crispy pork skin is the best part! On the bottom left is the roast pork leg.

Which item here do you enjoy most?


Thiên said...

J.C., I like both of the meats, with rice. I don't really go for the pork legs though. :)

Murphy_jay said...

Yum Yum.. my favourite!!

:)nice shot

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