Friday, 7 March 2008

Interesting Sighting

Caught an international footballer at the recent political campaign talk at Subang Jaya. Wink! Wink! What happened to his long, braided, curly hair!! Wonder if he is tickled by the talk of David vs. Goliath brought to us by our local politicians.

Tomorrow is International Women's Day and also Polling Day for fellow Malaysians!! That means I will be out voting and how shall I celebrate Women's Day?

What would you be doing tomorrow? Wish you a good weekend ahead!

Petaling Jaya Daily Photo has also posted a photo related to Malaysia's General Election 2008.

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Thiên said...

Hi J.C.! Thank you for your comment on Seguin blog. I appreciate it. Hope you have fun voting and celebrating Women's Day! What will you do?

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