Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Classical Indian Dancer - Wesak Concert in Brickfields Maha Vihara (1)

I will run a series of photos taken at the concert held on Wesak eve at Kuala Lumpur's Brickfield Maha Vihara. This concert brought together performers from various countries and each of them showcase their cultural performance. There was Classical Dances from Indian, Punjab, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China and also performances by acrobats from China and drummers from Korea.
Today's photo shows the Classical Indian Dance performed by professional dancer from India.
There were 2 dancers. Their fast hand & feet movements, music beats, facial and eyes expressions made their dance very fascinating.
Have you attended any classical Indian dance performance before?


Olivier said...

belle photo de cette danseuse, il ne nous manque que la musique ;o)

beautiful picture of this dancer, it does lack that music ;o)

alicesg said...

Oh the dancer has very colourful costume. When I was in school, we were taught some basic indian dancing as part of our PE lessons whenever the Indian teacher was in charge. If the chinese teacher was in charge, he would taught us some basic tai chi.

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