Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Please Take Off Your Shoes

It is a common practice in Malaysia and also many Asian countries that one removes shoes before entering a house. The reason for doing it is practically to help the homeowner keeps his house clean. Many are not aware of this practice. In order to avoid this, a sign to inform visitors of this practice has been placed at the centre where we had our activities during our Wesak celebration in FRIM.
What is the practice/etiquette in your country when it comes to visiting a friend's house?


alicesg said...

Yes, we share the same cultures. But my overseas friends are not used to it. :)

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

I always take off my shoes just inside my front door. My kids did the same growing up. Now, when friends come to see me in my apartment, most do the same because they see that I do so.

Alice said...

Superb photography.. Those sandals are looking so cool. Those are perfect for summer.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I htink the custom of removing shoes when entering homes is excellent. I dedicated an whole blog to this subject.
Shoes Off at the Door, Please
You might want to take a look.

"Use your first smile, your first form of generosity, of love, of kindness—use it at home; start at home. And if there is something left over—if … your plate is just full of abundance of patience and goodness and smiles and joy, then by all means, you should go … and offer that to others. But we must begin at home." by Dr Robin Smith