Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Pancakes for Teatime

This is a pancake seller in UEP Subang Jaya. Our friendly guy sells delicious, crispy, thin wafer-like pancakes that are filled with peanuts & some cream corn, then topped with some castor sugar. This is another favourite teatime snacks for us! I love my pancakes steamy hot and crispyly burnt for the extra flavour! one chews on the crunchy peanuts and taste the creamy corns .... it's a heavenly delight!

What's your favourite teatime food?


Steffe said...

For today it would have to be those pancakes.

alicesg said...

Oh we have these pancakes here too. I tried not to take teatime snacks. :) I only eat 3 meals a day.

Rachel E. Adams said...

My mouth is watering. I've gotta try the pancakes when I get a chance! I wish I had teatime. How uncivilized not to.

Josy said...

No teatime here, either, but I do often have some coffee and a granola bar in the afternoon.

Nice shot--it takes some courage to walk up to people and take their picture. :)

Thiên said...

Oh, that sounds yummy again J.C. We do love our food, no? I like a butter biscuit or a biscotti with a cup of hot tea. Actually, tea is nice with almost anything sweet.

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