Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Significance of Wesak

At first I was attracted by this mural, and then the rows of chairs caught my attention. The reason I posted this photo is to share with you the significance of Wesak celebration by Buddhists. Yup, that's only a week.

This mural captures the 3 important events in the life of the Buddha - His Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away. Wesak Day commemorates these important events. These events took place on the full-moon day in the lunar month of Vesakha, which falls between April and May in our conventional calendar. Officially, the first full moon in May (19 May 2008) is designated as Wesak Day in Malaysia. Amongst Buddhists, it is also known as Buddha Jayanti - the Birth of the Buddha.

(Source: Leaflet "The Significance of Wesak" produced by Nalanda Institute in conjunction of Wesak 2008 celebration)

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alicesg said...

The murals are very lovely.

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