Thursday, 5 June 2008

Price Hike & Long Queues

What is the connection between price hike and long queues?

At 6pm yesterday, SMS were flying around about petrol's 40% price hike when the clock struck midnite. By the time we went out to get things in preparation for our friends' wedding, we witnessed queues at all petrol stations in Subang Jaya. Everyone wanted to fill their vehicle tanks prior to the price increase. It led to massive traffic jam all over Subang Jaya. The jam was worsened by the heavy downpour during peak hours! Unfortunately, our local power utility company also announced an 18% hike in its rate!!! With these 2 price hikes, we shall be hit by many other price increases real soon!!!

What is the situation like in your city?

To cheer all of you up, I would like to share this animation that I found on YouTube. While going online to get some inspiration for my friend's wedding preparation, I discovered great animations on weddings. Here's one highly creative wedding invitation presented in the form of animation. Do enjoy! Let's not allow the woe over price hikes spoil our day!


Keropok Man said...

Ya, heard about that and I smsed KLDP too! Haha..

The electricity rates in Singapore moves all the time according to the oil prices in the world. It has been very very high!!!

Bibi said...

Hello! Here in Belgrade gasoline costs about US$2.00 a liter, a lot in general, and especially for a country where the average salary is not so high. I really enjoy reading your blog and viewing your photos.

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