Sunday, 6 July 2008

A Buddhist Wedding

What a lovely wedding we had yesterday!!! The wedding ceremony was held at shrine hall of the Chempaka Buddhist Lodge in Petaling Jaya. The bridal couple had the Chief Monk, Rev. Saranankara to do a blessing at this ceremony. It was such a happy occasion for the couples, their families and friends. Fortunately all the programmes went smoothly despite Murphy Law came into actions several times. It was indeed a blessed wedding.
My wish for the couple, Sim Keong & Phaik Loo, is may they always be blessed by the Triple Gems as they start their lives together as husband and wife!

I will be sharing more photos from the wedding in the next few days. Hope you would enjoy them!


Blognote said...

Beautiful colours!! Many best wishes to the wedded couple!

Bibi said...

Interesting! I too posted a kind of wedding photo yesterday. Love your photo. Best wishes.

Kala said...

at first, I thought this was you getting married =)

Interesting wedding! I've never seen a Buddhist wedding before!

Kim said...

Like Kala, I've never attended a Buddhist ceremony either, so this is so interesting to me. And you got right up there and got the shots, too! I like that in a photographer! Your shots are really wonderful and intimate. I learned a lot, too. Wedding customs are so interesting, and the occasion, no matter where, is always such a happy thing to see. Happiness to the lovely couple!
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