Sunday, 13 July 2008

Outing to Pulau Ketam

On Friday nite, I read an article in The Star paper on Pulau Ketam and that triggered the plan to take a trip to this island.

My journey began with a 40-mins train ride from Subang Jaya Commuter Station to Port Klang. At Port Klang, I had my coffee and "loh mai kai" (glutinuous rice with chicken) before I hop onto a ferry for a 45-mins ride to the island. Fortunately my ferry carried a group of tourists and thus it actually stopped by a fish farm for a short visit before we proceed with our journey to Pulau Ketam. On this trip, I took many photos for our Skywatch Friday theme! The weather was good and clouds were cottony white and very friendly towards me. It was a fabulous day for an outdoor outing. I was elated as I prepared to leave my house that morning that I forgot to put on sunblock.

By the end of the day, my shoulders were red as lobster and today they were raw and painful. But it was a worthwhile outing and I am glad to share those photos with all of you in my next few postings.

The above photo was taken on the ferry ride to Pulau Ketam. From the bright contrast, you would be able to gauge the sun was out to play too. I took the non-air-conditioned ferry as it would give me more photo shooting opportunities. I like both the colour and black & white photos. So decided to post both photos side by side for you to choose. Which photo do you prefer more? And why that choice? Glad if you could give me your input!


Bibi said...

Watch the sun! Use sunscreen! Like your posting and info!

alicesg said...

I like the black and white photo but the coloured photo gave an accurate picture what the ferry looked like.

Kim said...

They are both very nice, and I like the color one best because the contrast in the BW one is not enough to pull the eye up the photo, but with the color of the chairs they form a line leading the eye.
Hope you sunburn doesn't peel too badly :-). What a nice trip.
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