Thursday, 31 July 2008

Pre-War Buildings at Jalan Kg. Pantei

These are some old pre-World War II buildings found on Jalan Kampung Pantei in Melaka. The dates on the building stated when they were built. This is considered an old part of Melaka town. This street is famous for its two old gold jewellery shops. Mom used to bring us to the gold shops whenever a close relative in the family is getting married and she needs to get a gift for the bride. It is a common practice in the Chinese family to give gold jewellery to a bride.

Otherwise, we would visit this street before Chinese New Year. There are many wholesale shops - trading in canned, dried seafood/food stuffs from China.

Along this street, just opposite the jewellery shop, there is a small lane that sells kitchenwares. Mom used to send our kitchen knives and her scissors for sharpening by an old man. At the end of this lane, one will come to a salmon pink bridge. It was well-known to the locals that many people were beheaded by the Japanese soldiers on this bridge during World War II. We were told how the blood used to flow into the Melaka river and turn the river red. That's why the bridge was painted in a shade of red, as to match the blood stain.

Upon crossing the river, one would come to Kampung Jawa, the settlement of Javanese in Melaka. One can follow the pathway that is newly built and walk along Melaka riverside, enjoying the history of Melaka and at the same time the beautifully landscaped river view.


alicesg said...

Very lovely photo on the old pre World War II buildings. The different years engraved on them let us know when the building was built. Very interesting. Our old buildings had the year engraved on them too. Thanks for sharing.

Martin said...

Wow they're beautifully conservated and painted it reminds me of Recoleta a neighbourhood with Argentina Apartments that have just this type of construction

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