Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Rhythm Avenue All Ready Now!

Rhythm Avenue is the name of this construction project. This project has been abandoned for over 6 years and the developer was said to be missing-in-action. The high-storey abandoned blocks used to be a prominent eye sore as it is located by the side of the main road in USJ, i.e. Jalan Kemajuan.

Many buyers of these apartments suffered as they have paid deposits and took bank loans to purchase units of these apartments. They could not move into the uncompleted building and at the same time still have to service their loans from the banks.

Fortunately, another bank took over this project and completed the building. However, buyers had to fork out another 15% of the value of their unit to this bank and they were not given a car park each (as agreed in the Sales & Purchase Agreement when they bought their apartment). It's a case of you win some, you lose some, for these buyers. That means they have to fork out a monthly car park fee for the rest of the time they stay here! It's preposterouse of the new building owner to cheat the buyers of their car parks!

Carrefour, the French hypermarket, bought space on the ground level of these apartments to open its retail outlet. When it opens for business, hopefully the traffic jam along Jalan Kemajuan will not get worst. And for the residents of these apartments, hopefully they will not have further woes with bad traffic situation.
They have already suffered enough over these years! From another point of view, they are luckier than buyers of Newgate Apartments (also by the same developer), whom till now can only stare at the abandoned project that they purchased!


alicesg said...

Wow sounds a terrible headache for the owners but with carrefour on the ground floor, shopping is at ease. The building looked neat and beautiful. Noone would suspect it was abandoned halfway. Well at least the owners can breathe easily now.

alicesg said...

Oh, my post today shows the wet part of the wet

berriesfan said...

Hi! J.C.
Thanks very much for yr foto and lines about Rhythm Avenue Condo. It was abandoned and I was once a very headache buyer.
After 10 years suffering, finally got my key recently (^_^). I forked out more than 15% because of the re-financing package (-_-). Now paying the additional loan. So for those paid 15& cash it was nett.
I see photos from other property related links.
Would be happy and appreciate to see more of your update photos if you manage to find time.....
Thank you!

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