Thursday, 17 July 2008

Pulau Ketam - Fish Farm

I can't resist taking photo of this fury creature who is doing a good job in watching over the farm!

It was fortunate for us as our ferry stopped by a fish farm for us to visit. This happened because we have a group of tourist aboard. This trip would cost one RM60 for a boat to take you to the fish farm. Fishes reared in this fish farm are exported to restaurants in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


alicesg said...

Lovely photo of the kelong. It is nice to go to a kelong in the air conditioned ferry. Recently, my friend went to a kelong in Malaysia in a bumboat and she had sea sick. But she enjoyed her stay there and the fishes they caught were fresh and they had BBQ dinner in the kelong.

Murphy_jay said...

That's a beautiful shot!

Guess the doggie must be a good swimmer as well :)

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