Monday, 25 August 2008

Merdeka Spirit at Mesiniaga

This is Mesiniaga office building. Mesiniaga is the local partner of IBM. In the Malay language, Mesiniaga = Mesin (Machine) + Niaga (Business). So it can be said it's the translated word formed through the combination of those 2 words, Business and Machine.

This building overlook the Subang Ria Lake. I snapped this photo during the
SJ Merdeka Fun Walk. The Mesiniaga building is also in the spirit of celebrating our nation's 51st Merdeka Day!


Meg in Nelson said...

That whole building is just for what used to be IBM Malaysia, you mean???

Ben said...

Interesting. As you see IBM stands for International Business Machines.
(Saying as a former IBMer)
So, that local parter took two aspect of IBM naming.

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