Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Launch of Dharma Tunes

I spent our National Day in a very significant manner with a group of Buddhist music enthusiasts. We had a launch of Dharma Tunes, a Buddhist Hymns book that contains lyrics, full music notation for piano and also guitar chords. It has been a long tradition that Buddhist hymns are learnt orally and passed on from one generation to another. Thus, now we have a paradigm shift, where anyone who has this book, could learn a hymn easily. During the launch, we saw many young performers from various Buddhist organizations in Klang Valley spreading the joy of Dharma (Buddhist teachings) through music, dance and songs.

Malaysia has been a powerhouse of Buddhist music. The local Buddhist organizations give strong and ardent support to cultivate Buddhist musicians and singers. The publishing of Dharma Tunes is another commendable effort to further encourage the growth and development of Buddhist music that would benefit all!

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