Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ramadhan Bazaar

The Ramadhan fasting month for Muslim started two days ago. Over in Subang Jaya, we have Ramadhan Bazaars in several places and the one I visited today was in USJ4. At this bazaar, we can find variety of food, ranging from cakes to grilled kebab, satay or chicken wings and drinks or fruits.

It's a great place to source for food after a full day of fasting. It is convenient for the working people as they do not need to rush home to cook in time for breaking of fast (that's about 7.10pm). For those of us who do not fast, we also have a good time savouring those delicious food on sale at these bazaars.

Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims around the world.

Added on 15 Sept, 2008, scenes of Pasar Ramadhan in other places:
* Pasar Ramadhan in Petaling Jaya:
Here, Here & Here.

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alicesg said...

Very interesting. We do have it here too at Arab Street and Geylang Serai. But it had been raining these few days, I just felt like sitting at home watching TV programmes.

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