Sunday, 21 September 2008

Ramadhan Bazaar - Chicken Rice & Roti Jala

As Ramadhan month is still on, I would like to feature a few Ramadhan stalls in USJ4 (a section in UEP Subang Jaya, in short USJ) that I shot. This is a photo of the Chicken Rice & Roti Jala stall. I love roti jala (the yellow food on the trays lined with banana leaves). It is a crepe or pancake that looks like a net. It has coconut milk in it that gives out the frangrant flavour and it is eaten with curry. At this stall, each set of roti jala ~ comprises of 3 pieces of pancakes and a packet of curry ~ goes for the price of RM2 (about USD0.55. The pancakes are yummy!!

For earlier photo where I featured Ramadhan Bazaar, please click


Kim said...

What a festive, colorful feast for the eyes. And, you are making my stomach rumble. That looks so delicious. I would very much like to taste the roti jala. It sounds so good. I hope you ate some after getting this photo to share with us!
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Rambling Round said...

This all looks so delicious. I love curry and rice, but I've never tried coconut milk.

alaya said...

i love pasar ramadan in malaysia. when i visited one of them, i wanted to buy them all. hahaha...

J.C. said...

Hi Rambling Round, Coconut milk goes well when added to curry or cakes. It's the rich fragrant smell of coconut that makes it delicious. But of course it's not good to consume too much of coconut milk as it's considered high in cholesterol.

Hi Alaya, we are both alike. Buy, buy, buy ~ that's my thought at Ramadhan Bazaar, especially when I am hungry!

alicesg said...

Wow it looked so delicious and now I am hungry and for RM2 it is really very worth it.

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