Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Trishaws in Melaka

I have not been able to update my daily postings recently due to faults on my pc. Initially I thought it was my broadband network that was giving me the problem. After the broadband technical guy came over, it was discovered that my pc was the cause of the problem. Fortunately Dell has a good service team and in no time, my pc's motherboard has been replaced and it is now up and running already.

The above are photos taken in Melaka last weekend. These are trishaws that are very popular in Melaka. I used to take trishaw rides with my mom when I was young. We only pay RM1.50 for our ride. But these days, one would need to fork out RM15 in order to enjoy a ride around the historical streets of Melaka.

Added on 2 Dec, 2008:


Hilda said...

Wow. Are they all this colorfully lighted? My young nieces would love a ride in one too!

alicesg said...

Glad that your pc is alright now. The trishaws are beautiful.

alicesg said...

Hi JC, am heading your way. :) Hope to visit twin tower. Have a nice weekend.

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