Monday, 6 October 2008

Rain Rain Come Again

I love the rain! It has been raining practically every day. One day, it's drizzle. The next, it's heavy shower! With the rain, the plants in my garden are lush and green. My flowers are blooming well! Of course with the added help of some fertilizers that I feed them weekly. Thanks for the rain that my garden is growing well!

This photo was taken awhile ago when it started to shower. I got this idea for such shot from
KL Daily Photo's Slow Trickle posted on Nov 21, 2006. It's just that I can't get a sharp shot of the water trickle. Will continue to work on it till I get a sharp shot!

My PC went down again after my last posting. It coincided with the Hari Raya holiday that fell on Oct 1. As such, I didn't manage to get technical support from Dell until today. Immediately when the holiday ended, Dell's team (customer service and technical support, both online and on-site support) impressed me with their quick and efficient response! Now I got my PC up again and hope it will stay fit for as long as possible! I really felt out of touch from the world when I don't have an internet access. Now I am glad it's going to be up, up and moving for me!

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