Saturday, 18 October 2008

Charmed by Elephants

I couldn't resist buying this beautiful elephants decorative trinket when I saw it. It comes with beads stringing 5 elephants made of papier mâché and hand-painted in different colours. It also has a little bell at the bottom. When it's hung up, the bell will tinkle when the wind blows. Another lovely ornament for my garden!

Wish you a happy weekend ahead!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

That will look great in the garden. The 5 picture set up was interesting. It left me wondering what it looks like whole.

babooshka said...

These really are so colourful and charming.

alicesg said...

Ah! these elephants are so cute. One of my best friend's daughter love keeping elephants instead of teddy bears. This reminds me to give her one of my momentos of elephant from Thailand. :)

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