Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Roast Duck at KL's Petaling Street (Chinatown)

When one mentions Sze Ngan Chye (Four-eyed) Roast Duck in KL's Petaling Street (also known as Chinatown), one would get rave comments from those who have tasted it. I have seen this mobile stall set up by the streetside of Petaling Street since my student days.

The roast duck is indeed a favourite of my brother and I. We always try to pack one duck home for dinner, whenever we are in the vicinity of Petaling Street during his visits. We love the tender, succulent meat and the crispy skin of the duck. As you bite into it, the fat under the skin would just ooze out with more juice, fragrant with the five spices use to marinate the duck. As the duck is roasted with charcoal, there is always the nice smoky smell on the roast duck. The price of the duck comes at RM40 each or RM20 for half a duck. That's so much cheaper than dining in a restaurant.

The stall is also famous for its duck feet roll, sold at only RM1.50 each. I don't really fancy this but many claimed it is delicious too. It is actually stewed duck liver rolled with duck feet and tied around with duck intestine. It takes quite a lot of work to prepare this. You can read review of those who love this delicacy on a famous local foodie blog, called Masak-Masak (which means cooking in Malay language).

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alicesg said...

Ooooo, yummy. I am posting petaling street too on my travel blog. :) http://alicetravelogue.blogspot.com/2008/10/chinatown-petaling-street-kuala-lumpur.html

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