Wednesday, 30 September 2009

ABC Wednesday - 'K' is for Korean Barbecue

ABC Wednesday returns with the theme 'K' today. For today's theme, I am posting my favourite meal i.e. Korean Barbecue!

Korean wave has hit our shore since Korean drama series become popular TV prime time success. Korean restaurants, music, movie and fashion are very common with the locals now. We have many Korean barbecue restaurants in USJ Taipan now. This is one of my favourites, Daorae Korean Restaurant. These photos show the preparation of grilled meat by the restaurant staff. The meat is served with myriad side dishes. Mmmm...this is yummy!!


alicesg said...

Ooooo....the BBQ meat looked so good and delicious. Reminds me of my trip to Korea.

Leif Hagen said...

Delicious photo - wish I were there to taste it all!

Ming1881 said...

Very nice pic and yummy :-)

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