Friday, 11 September 2009

Spectacular Bunaken

Another breathtaking scene of Bunaken island at North Sulawesi. Watching this kind of scenery spread in front of me tends to make me grateful of this wonderful earth that we live in!

Sky Watch Friday returns with beautiful photos of skies around the world. Check it out!


I would like to share with all of you 2 short films recently released as part of the
15 malaysia short film project. This project was launched on 17 Aug and the project consists of 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. These films not only deal with socio-political issues in Malaysia, they also feature some of the best-known faces in this country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia.

The film 'Potong Saga' is a hillarious one that I would like to share with all of you. It is a laugh-out-loud film about a Chinese boy’s misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account.

This 2nd film is called 'Halal'. It is a very silly slapstick comedy demonstrating the proper Islamic way to slaughter chicken. Many may not know what it means by 'Halal' food for the Muslims. This film give viewers a better understanding of 'halal'. Laugh away with this!!

Wish you all a lovely weekend!


Enigma said...

You're right. It is spectacular! Thank you for sharing!

Babooshka said...

I agree that reall is a stunning image.

Hilda said...

Peaceful scene and an awesome sky! Happy SWF and happy weekend!

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