Monday, 5 October 2009

Monochrome Monday - Tree & Gazebo

Glad to share with you this photo that I took at the park near my house. It was a Sunday evening with bright setting sun. I think it would be just perfect for taking black & white photos.

Since I joined the Monochrome Monday posting, it has made me work on improving my black & white photography. It can be quite frustrating seeing my photos turned out poorly, yet those posted on the Monochrome Monday's portal looking spectacular! So, I try to view my objects in black & white and try to figure out how the object texture and light play on the object would turn out.

Today's photo is one of the result of my experiment in BW photography. I have added a little brown tint using Photoshop to this photo. I love the shadow of the leaves on the tree trunk. In my opinion, the tree trunk has interesting texture that adds depth to this photo. Constructive feedback to improve my monochrome shot is a great welcome!

Thanks to Aileni who is hosting the Monochrome Monday portal. Please visit it to view more gorgeous photos in Black & White!
I wish you all a lovely Monday!


magiceye said...

this is beautiful!

Aileni said...

The shadow pattern on the rough bark is very striking.

Julie said...

very nice. this image works great in black and white and really stands out.

Daryl said...


Calico Crazy said...

Beautiful photo, you have really captured the light, texture, and depth. Makes me want to visit.

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