Tuesday, 6 October 2009

My World Tuesday - Spring Roll (Popiah)

For today's That's My World Tuesday posting, here's a photo of the Spring Roll seller on the old street of Melaka. This old man has been peddling his fresh Spring Roll on a tricycle since I was young. He used to push his cart around town in the afternoon. But these days, he parked himself by the roadside in Jalan Bunga Raya. One can hardly find such food pedlar in Kuala Lumpur.

Upon order, the fresh spring roll skin (the white, round dough) will be filled with steamy hot, stewed yam bean or jicama, a piece of lettuce, fried eggs, lard, fried shallots, scalded bean sprouts, cubed fried bean curd with some chilli and sweet paste. It is best eaten fresh! Yummy snack!!

He also sells fried spring rolls. You can see the fried spring rolls placed in the green basket.

Saw this video of Lee Ann Rimes performing Can't Fight the Moonlight, soundtrack of the movie Coyote Ugly at Hazel of Bangkok's blog. This is one of my favourite movies and songs. Hope you will like it too.

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magiceye said...

the spring rolls seem yummm

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