Friday, 2 October 2009

Sky Watch Fri - Blue & Sunny

This photo was taken at the park near my house. It was taken last Sunday about 5pm and the sky was so sunny and bright. I was thinking of taking some high contrast monochrome shots as the setting sun may give me some great shots for Monochrome Monday's posting. What a surprise! Never did I expect to find so many nice objects to shoot! I even met a group of boys who came to the park in their new clothes from Hari Raya. They happily posed for me and I had a great time with these children. Check out my blog for photos of them tomorrow.

Wish all of you a great weekend tomorrow. I am heading home to Melaka again!! This time with a group of friends and I will be conducting a walk n' hunt around the old streets of Melaka. Bet it will be fun and I am excited about it!

For more photos of skies, check out the Sky Watch Friday portal!

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