Thursday, 17 December 2009

Making Love Letters

During our trip to Pulau Ketam, we stumble upon this lady making love letters outside her house. may ask what are love letters?

Love letters is a kind of thin crepe made of egg, flour, sugar & coconut milk. A thin layer of batter is then poured onto this round looking mould and cooked over burning charcoal. The cooked round crepe will then be removed and rolled or in this photo, folded into four and kept in air tight containers to keep their crispiness. It's sweet, crispy and smell of the fragrant of coconut milk. Love letters are always served during Chinese New Year. This lady has started making them for sales in preparation for Chinese New Year or Spring Festival that will fall on 14 Feb next year.


Steffe said...

Nice scene. Thanks for the explanation.

Dragonstar said...

Wonderful. I've never heard of this, and I love to learn new things.

On behalf of the Team, thanks for your post.

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