Saturday, 6 February 2010

24-Season Drum Performance

Chinese New Year is less than 10 days away. Last night we went to the National University of Malaysia to attend an Angpow Festival Concert that was organized in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration.

We were entertained with various performances by undergraduates from various universities. The performances were of so good quality that you won't even think that they were performed by students. One of the performances was the 24-Season Drum as seen in the photos above. Each drum carries a name that depicts a season or celebration that is part of the Chinese tradition.


live life said...

Hi. Do you have more photos of the 24 seasons drum performance? Thank you

J.C. said...

Hi Live Life, very sorry, I don't have them. I lost all my photos taken on 2010 as I accidentally deleted them when clearing space for my hardisk. I only realized it a little bit too late.

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