Sunday, 7 February 2010

Security & Safety

My internet connection has not been stabile since Friday. I have not been able to upload any photo to my online photo album. Two calls to Telekom Malaysia's Streamyx Customer Service didn't help to solve my connection problem. The second customer service agent even point the fault to my network card or modem! Sigh!! Usually that's what the customer service agent will tell me. But so far, the faults had always been with Streamyx connection! I hope this problem can be rectified soon.

Here's a photo that I uploaded in September but had not posted it on my blog yet. It's a poster showing all the police stations and inspectors contact telephone numbers. Crime rate in USJ has increased. The residents have decided to take the responsibility of their security & safety. So, many residential areas in USJ are going for Gated & Guarded concept. The residents pay and employ security guards, fenced up their areas, block or close certain access roads during non-peak hours. It's sad that the police force is not able to work on improving security in the whole country. Break-ins, robbery, snatch theft cases are so rampant these days.

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