Thursday, 25 February 2010

Bonding Through Steamboat

It's a tradition in my family to have steamboat dinner during Chinese New Year. This is when the whole family would gather around 2 tables. This year we had a pot of spicy tom yum soup (as seen in this photo) & pot of Bak Kut Teh (herbal) soup for the children. As we sit around the table, we will cook the food in the soup and chat away. It is such a good way to bond with our family members. And in a steamboat meal, it is detrimental to have tangy, spicy sauce to go with the cooked food.

The bowl on the bottom left corner is the sauce that I have created last year. It is a recipe from a distant Thai relative. The sauce is made of fermented bean paste (tau cheong), rice vinegar, coriander, garlic, sugar and bird's eye chillies for added kick! Just mix them together and you bet your family will love this sauce!


Rob and Mandy said...

The bird's eye would probably kill me, but it looks terribly good!

Chin said...

This photo make me hungry.So yummy.

Alexander said...

This steamboat looks very good. I agree steamboat is a great way to gather everyone together.

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