Wednesday, 3 March 2010

East Meets West

Korean cuisine is gaining popularity here in Malaysia. We can see many Korean restaurants mushrooming in many parts of Klang Valley as compared to ten years back. This is also greatly influenced by the popularity of Korean drama series.

However, what if we add a dash of Western influence into a well-known Korean dish such as Bibimbap? In Bibimbap, you get a bowl of rice topped with multi-coloured vegetables and usually a sunny-sideup egg. The spicy Gochujang (chilli bean paste) sauce is also included. To eat Bibimbap, one needs to mix all the ingredients together.

Well, in this Bibimbap that we ordered, it came with cheese as its topping. For one who loves Bibimbap, I felt the milky rich flavour of cheese did not go very well with the rich and Gochujang sauce. It tasted a little bit odd.

It's a good experience. It's not always that the East would blend deliciously with the West. In future, I will stick with the traditional Bibimbap!

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Kitty said...

oh boy. I would have been very disappointed with cheese on top. How strange?

I love Korean food because it seems healthy - not overly oily or fattening.

I'd ask for my money back next time!

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