Tuesday, 2 March 2010

In Deep Thought

Caught Harvin, the bride, in deep thought during the wedding ceremony on last Friday.
Wonder what she was thinking?


My friend, Reinhard, who visited my blog mentioned that he enjoyed the photos and videos posted.

Here's a music video by Korea's Wonder Girls with their US Debut Single 'Nobody' that you should not miss out!
The video is hillarious and the song is so popular among young adults in Malaysia.

I was first introduced to this song by two Korean delegates who performed the dance during ASEAN International Buddhist Youth Exchange. They truly brought the Korean waves to the Buddhist youths. It became such a hit among us! In the gym, this song was also played during our Dance Mania class. It's a catchy and nice song! Enjoy it!

Wonder Girls' Performance in New York


Hilda said...

She's beautiful! And her clothes and jewelry are absolutely amazing too! A lovely portrait, JC. I hope you gave her a print.

Wishing Harvin and her new husband a long married life together filled with joy and peace.

Alexander said...

WOw! that is a very well decorated dress. What an event to capture!

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