Saturday, 21 May 2011

Increase in Crime Rate

Crime rate in our country has been increasing. More so in suburb like Subang Jaya. I caught a banner in USJ2 seeking residents to come together to beat crime. We hope our police can do a better job in lowering crime rate.

In fact last month, my car was broken into when parked within the compound of our house. Nothing much was stolen but it actually shaken us up that we are not spared by the robbers. These days, I would easily be awaken by noise in the night. Have you experienced any robbery or break-in before?


Michael Chin said...

That would be difficult. At the moment there is a capo character who is the Head of Vice for NZ Police (Manukau Counties NZ Police District) that is causing all kinds of chaos in KL and probably Malaysia. This guy's powers are provided by the NZ Government so he has long range electronics and computing (a super power actually), unlimited funds and power and control over violent gangs. Thus far he has attacked Lai Meng school, Alice Smith school, ELC school and just this morning attacked Lai Meng school again. Not even mentioning what else he is up to in Malaysia.

Jimmy said...

Yes, twice. Once at the apartment and once at the summer house. They stole some stuff, but which was most annoying for me, they stole an unique greek blanket, irreplaceable (although not expensive).

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