Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kangkung Sotong (Water Convolvulus & Cuttlefish)

While visiting Penang Island (an island located about 400 miles north of Kuala Lumpur), my friend brought me to Gurney Drive for dinner. Gurney Drive has a big hawker food court that serves all kind of delicious Penang delicacies.

I ordered this 'Kangkung Sotong'. It is a combination of blanched water convolvulus (kangkung) and cuttlefish (sotong) served with a spicy, sour and sweet sauce topped with ground peanuts. Although 'Kangkung Sotong' can be found in many parts of Malaysia, I hardly eat them. But on seeing these cuttlefish, I just had the craving for it. And the one that I ordered was really tasty! Yum, yum! If you sighted any hawker stall in Malaysia where cuttlefish and water convolvulus are being displayed together, make sure you try it out. Trust me, you will have no regrets!

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Alexander said...

Wow! What a sight! :) These cuttlefish are really huge.

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