Thursday, 12 January 2012

Fiery Dragon

The Star newspaper featured a story about this dragon that is now displayed in The Pavillion mall as part of its Chinese New Year decoration.

It is the largest dragon in our country. The length of the dragon is impressive. It is hanging from over 5 storeys of the mall. I was in awe with the size of this dragon.  Upon stepping into this mall, one would be greeted with beautiful peach blossoms with gold and red lanterns lining both sides of the entrance. Next one sees is this huge dragon with fiery eyes floating on the centre court staring at her. Its sharp claws are in attack position and its mouth wide open, ready to spit fire!  For a second, you will be struck in awe with the whole scene as the music of Chinese New Year blaring away!

In fact, the dragon was going after the flaming pearl, that represents wisdom or enlightenment.  In the Chinese mythology, if the dragon lose the flaming pearl, it would become helpless and lose its power.

Coincidentally, there was an event at the mall and a Chinese drum performance was presented. I love watching Chinese drum performance.  Watch this video and you would understand why.

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