Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ushering Year of the Dragon

Around the world, Chinese is ushering the Year of the Dragon that will arrive on 23 Jan this year. Dragon is the 5th animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac. Being a mythical being, it is the most extraordinary animal sign.

In the Chinese culture, dragon is usually associated with Emperor, male (pheonix, for female) and also a symbol of power. Therefore, Chinese would usher the Year of Dragon with hope of good fortune and happiness. Thus, many Chinese would plan to have weddings, babies and new business venture in this year.

Our local malls are mostly decorated with the powerful dragons that may bring them endless flow of shoppers and business. Here's one taken at the One Utama mall.

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Eki said...

I like how you frame the dragon in this photo, JC. Nice and very colorful.

Happy Lunar year!

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