Sunday, 18 November 2012

Afternon Drizzle

Danny Santos's street photographs of rainy days on Singapore's Orchard Road have been an inspiration to me.  Never thought it would be fun to be outdoor on rainy days.  But Danny photos, such as Good Times in Bad Weather makes me happily stay outdoor with my camera.

I had the opportunity yesterday when it drizzled after Merdeka Walk with Rakan KL. My friends and I were walking towards Madras Lane for lunch and I happily took out my camera and clicked away.  In the past, I would keep my camera in my bag for fear of getting it wet.  Thanks to Danny that my opinion of shooting in bad weather has changed!  Now I am just having good times in bad weather!  Yyayyy!


Shoppers at Petaling Street on a drizzling afternoon.  I tweaked the original photo by adding HDR element.  It's my first HDR piece.


Eki Qushay said...

Rain can be a fun time to take pictures. I have many good photos taken during the rain that otherwise would not have been that good if they had been taken on a fair day.

J.C. said...

Hi Eki, you are right. The photos taken on rainy days can be lovely. Another inspiration!

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