Monday, 8 September 2008

Read While Waiting

Do you love to read? I am one who always carry a book in my handbag for fear of being held waiting at the traffic light, delayed appointment, food order during lunch or worst, traffic jam.

A writer and freelance host who goes by the name of Zain H.D., recently organised a flash mob as part of his ongoing Read While Waiting Project (RWP).

But what happens at a flash mob event? Basically, it’s a bunch of strangers gathering in a public place, behaving in a pre-determined – often attention-grabbing – manner for a short period of time, and then dispersing. The mobs are usually organised online or via text messaging, and a successful flash mob depends very much on the element of surprise.

The idea for his RWP flash mob was to make people aware that everyone should read while waiting. Whether it is for the bus that takes forever to arrive, the once-again delayed train, or the inching cinema queue, you can whip out that book from your bag and bury your nose in it.

Read more here.


The above photo was shot in Melaka. I have Photoshop-ed it to create this fading, old effect.


D.C. Confidential said...

Beautiful picture!

And I like the idea of flash mobs. I should try starting that here to liven things up a bit!

Anonymous said...

You did a nice job in this on PS.

My pictures are at Brookville Daily Photo

alaya said...

i always have books in my bag. i think people here don't really like to read while waiting. the love playing with their mobile phone better.

great shot :)

Blacksun said...

I like the icture. And I love to read too ;)

alicesg said...

Very interesting photo. I dont read much now due to poor eyesight. You know most of us are "specky"

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