Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Reading Theme Continues

I will continue with the "Reading" theme today. Caught this man reading the Sunday paper at the Lake Titiwangsa Park. In the background is the Eye on Malaysia ferris wheel. This ferris wheel ended its operations on 31st August and will be dismantled and moved to my hometown in Melaka. It's a landmark in the park and I am surprised that its lifespan here only lasted less than 3 years, if I am not mistaken.


alicesg said...

Wow, I thought The Eye would be a permanent attraction. Nice photo of it in the background.

Keropok Man said...

I think it was meat for Visit Malaysia Year 2007. It extended its life for a while because it was popular.

Think the London Eye was also made for the millenium celebrations and extended its life because it was popular.

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