Monday, 5 November 2012

CCIM Run 2012

My 2 regular running buddies and I woke up before daybreak & drove to Setia Alam to participate in the CCIM Run 2012 yesterday.  It was running the whole night on Saturday and I was praying hard that it won't rain on Sunday morning. My prayer was answered. This is the beautiful sky that greeted us when we started our run.

It's never too early to train the kids to start exercising, as seen here a family of 3 generations, including 2 toddlers. 

The "Bersih 3.0" (Clean Election) was represented in the run too.  Glad to see this yellow t-shirt making an appearance.  I had posted photos of Bersih 3.0 Rally previously: 1, 2, 3

The beautiful scene that greeted us. 

Met these 2 boys and befriended them.

This boy became my running buddy.  We urged and encouraged each other to finish the 5 km run. 

At the finishing line, I got him to pose with his certificate of completion. Unfortunately, I didn't ask him his name.  It had been fun running with him.  Thanks, buddy.

As we were leaving, we came across these 21 km runners. It has been over 3 hours since they started running.  I really respect their determination to reach the finishing line. I will continue to stick to 5 km event.  

We have signed up for the World Diabetes Walk to be held on next Sunday. This is how I keep myself active physically.  How about you?

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